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Heritage Angel Awards 2022

Best Research, Interpretation or Recording of a Historic Building or Place

About this Category

Best Research, Interpretation or Recording of a Historic Building or Place:

This award recognises those who have helped people better understand and engage with an historic building or place.  It is open to everyone who has researched, or recorded heritage and also those who have worked to better present information relating to historic buildings or places to widen audience engagement. This may be an individual or group.

The type of building or place does not matter as long as it is historic – that is, over 30 years old, located in Northern Ireland. Ideally we ask that the building or place appears on a recognised heritage register. The building or place does not have to be listed or scheduled; it could be part of a conservation area or a local building of significant interest. This award will also recognise archaeological sites, projects involving parks and gardens.

It may be a project that has engaged a local community, school or group by teaching them about the buildings and spaces around them or that has created an archive or unique way of interpreting a historic building or place. For example, it could be a group of local people identifying and promoting areas of improvement in their local conservation area, an individual who has helped to restore a historic public place, or a team who have helped research archaeological site. The project must have been carried out in the last 5 years. Read more about application or nomination via the Heritage Angel Awards Guidance Notes here.

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This award recognises volunteers and professionals, individuals and groups who rescue, record or interpret any kind of historic place. This could be an archaeological site or scheduled monument.

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