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Best Contribution to a Heritage Project by Young People

Heritage Angel

Robert Stewart


Lissan House

Lissan House & Demesne is a Historic Country House which was rescued from the brink by the foresight of its last owner Hazel Radcliffe Dolling, who formed a trust to turn her ancestral family home into a visitor attraction at the heart of the local community.

Robert Stewart is a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic young volunteer for Lissan House. He is 22 years old and has devoted himself to helping to secure the history and heritage of the House and Demesne for others to enjoy.

He came to the house as a visitor with his family and was so taken with the story of the family and the importance of the House that he signed up immediately as a volunteer. He has always had a passion for history and historic houses and when he came as a visitor the interior, and the fact the house is still an ongoing project, made Robert want to help in any way he could.

Robert wants to have a career in historic houses and estates. Sadly, the Trustees are unable to provide the funding to train him, but due to the courses and training he has done, he has used these skills to help with projects that he is able to complete. He spends his free time helping out with events like Murder Mystery nights, to cleaning the Victorian Kitchen or photographing the estate in the depths of winter snow storms.

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