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Best Contribution to a Heritage Project by Young People

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Pupils of Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen


Northern Ireland, Our Shared Past, Present and Future

Primary Seven Pupils from Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen, undertook a project to each build a model of a significant Northern Irish landmark. This involved choosing the landmark and researching its history and significance in society today in order to further their understanding of our shared history and heritage. The models produced included the H&W cranes, Devenish Island, Cole’s Monument, Enniskillen Castle and the Giant’s Causeway.

The pupils each undertook the building of their models in their own time as self-led homework, showing their commitment to and interest in the project. Families also got involved, creating a dialogue around their chosen model. The project was led by Fermanagh County Museum Learning and Access Officer, Catherine Scott, and it was designed to fit with the final topic in Primary Seven, Northern Ireland: Our Shared Past Present and Future. The project was also designed to incorporate aspects of STEM, which is an area of focus for the school, and of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU), and covered a further wide range of subjects from art to history and geography.

Over the course of this project, the children were able to discover and understand previously unknown or misunderstood aspects of our shared history and cultivate an interest in built heritage. The models are on display in Fermanagh County Museum, and it is clear to see that the children have invested much time, effort and enjoyment in making their models. The children’s enthusiasm is infectious, and they have enjoyed sharing what they had learned with others in the school about the importance of their chosen historic place.

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